Captains Log - 2007

  • Friday, June 8th: Miami, Fl to West Palm Beach, Fl
  • Saturday, June 9th: West Palm Beach, Fl to Melbourne, Fl
  • Sunday, June 10th: Melbourne, Fl to Jacksonville, Fl
  • Monday, June 11th: Jacksonville, Fl to Midway, Ga
  • Tuesday, June 12th: Midway, GA to Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Wednesday, June 13th: Myrtle Beach, SC to Moorehead City, NC
  • Thursday, June 14th: Moorehead City to Columbia, NC
  • Friday, June 15th: Columbia, NC (Weather Delay)
  • Saturday, June 16th: Columbia, NC to Reedville, VA
  • Sunday, June 17th: Reedville, VA to Annapolis, MD
  • Monday, June 18th: Annapolis, MD to Sea Isle City, NJ
  • Tuesday, June 19th: Sea Isle City, NJ to Bay Head, NJ
  • Wednesday, June 20th: Bay Head, NJ to New York, NY
  • Thursday, June 21st: New York, NY 
  • Friday, June 22nd: New York, NY to Albany, NY 
  • Saturday, June 23rd: Albany, NY to Whitehall, NY
  • Sunday, June 24th: Whitehall, NY to Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
  • Monday, June 25th: Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec, Canada (Canadian Holiday)
  • Tuesday, June 26th: Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec, Canada (Scheduled Maintenance)
  • Wednesday, June 27th: Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec, Canada to Montreal, Quebec
  • Thursday, June 28th: Montreal, Quebec to Ottawa, Ontario
  • Friday, June 29th: Ottawa, Ontario to Merrickville, Ontario
  • Saturday, June 30th: Merrickville, Ontario to Kingston, Ontario
  • Sunday, July 1st: Kingston, Ontario to Newark, NY
  • Monday, July 2nd: Newark, NY to Buffalo, NY
  • Tuesday, July 3rd: Buffalo, NY to Cleveland, OH
  • Wednesday, July 4th: Cleveland, OH (Holiday)
  • Thursday, July 5th: Cleveland, OH (Scheduled Maintenance) 
  • Friday, July 6th: Cleveland, OH to St. Clair, MI
  • Saturday, July 7th: St. Clair, MI to Tawas City, MI
  • Sunday, July 8th: Tawas City, MI to Macinac, MI
  • Monday, July 9th: Macinac, MI to Frankfort, MI
  • Tuesday, July 10th: Frankfort, MI to Saugatuck, MI
  • Wednesday, July 11th: Saugatuck, MI (Weather)
  • Thursday, July 12th: Saugatuck, MI to Chicago, IL
  • Friday, July 13th: Chicago (Day Off)
  • Saturday, July 14th: Chicago, IL to Seneca, IL
  • Sunday, July 15th: Seneca, IL to Beardstown, IL
  • Monday, July 16th: Beardstown, IL to Louisiana, MO
  • Tuesday, July 17th: Louisiana, MO to Fort Madison, IA
  • Wednesday, July 18th: Fort Madison, IA to Davenport, IA
  • Thursday, July 19th: Davenport, IA to Guttenburg, IA
  • Friday, July 20th: Guttenburg, IA to Alma, WI
  • Saturday, July 21st: Alma, WI to Minneapolis / St.Paul MN
  • Sunday, July 22nd- August 2nd: Minneapolis / St.Paul MN (Scheduled Maintenance)
  • Friday, August 3rd: Minneapolis, MN to Red Wing, MN
  • Saturday, August 4th: Red Wing, MN to La Crosse, WI
  • Sunday, August 5th: La Crosse, WI to Le Claire, IA
  • Monday, August 6th: Le Claire, IA to Ft. Madison, IA
  • Tuesday, August 7th: Ft. Madison, IA to Grafton, IL
  • Wednesday, August 8th: Grafton, IL to Jefferson City, MO
  • Thursday, August 9th: Jefferson City, MO to Lexington, MO
  • Friday, August 10th: Lexington, MO to Wellington, MO
  • Saturday, August 11th: Wellington, MO to St. Joseph, MO
  • Sunday, August 12th: St. Joseph, MO to Omaha, NE
  • Monday, August 13th: Omaha, NE to Sioux City, IA
  • Tuesday, August 14th: Sioux City, IA to Bellevue, NE
  • Wednesday, August 15th: Bellevue, NE to St. Joseph, MO
  • Thursday, August 16th: St. Joseph, MO to Lexington, MO
  • Friday, August 17th: Lexington, MO to Jefferson City, MO
  • Saturday, August 18th: Jefferson City, MO to Grafton, IL
  • Sunday, August 19th: Grafton, IL to Alton, IL
  • Monday August 20th - August 27th: Alton, IL (Scheduled Maintenance)
  • Tuesday, August 28th: Alton, IL to Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Wednesday, August 29th: Girardeau, MO to Paducah, KY
  • Thursday, August 30th: Paducha, KY to Evansville, IN
  • Friday, August 31st: Evansville, IN to Louisville, KY
  • Saturday, September 1st: Louisville, KY to Lawrenceburg, IN
  • Sunday, September 2nd: Lawrenceburg, IN to Portsmouth, OH
  • Monday, September 3rd: Portsmouth, OH to Parkersburg, WV
  • Tuesday, September 4th: Parkersburg, WV to Wheeling, WV
  • Wednesday, September 5th: Wheeling, WV to Pittsburgh, PA
  • Thursday, September 6th: Pittsburgh, PA to Wheeling, WV
  • Friday, September 7th: Wheeling, WV to Parkersburg, WV
  • Saturday, September 8th: Parkersburg, WV to Portsmouth, OH
  • Sunday, September 9th: Portsmouth, OH to Cincinnati, OH
  • Monday, September 10th: Cincinnati, OH to Louisville, KY
  • Tuesday, September 11th: Louisville, KY (Scheduled Maintenance)
  • Wednesday, September 12th: Louisville, KY (Scheduled Maintenance)
  • Thursday, September 13th: Louisville, KY to Evansville, IN
  • Friday, September 14th: Evansville, IN to Grand Rivers, KY
  • Saturday, September 15th: Grand Rivers, KY to Counce, TN
  • Sunday, September 16th: Counce, TN to Alberdeen, MS
  • Monday, September 17th: Alberdeen, MS to Demopolis, AL
  • Tuesday, September 18th: Demopolis, AL to Fairhope, AL
  • Wednesday, September 19th: Fairhope, AL to Panama City, FL
  • Thursday, September 20th: Panama City, FL to Apalachicola, FL
  • Friday, September 21st: Apalachicola, FL (Weather)
  • Saturday, September 22nd: Apalachicola, FL (Weather)
  • Sunday, September 23rd: Apalachicola to Horseshoe Beach, FL
  • Monday, September 24th: Horseshoe Beach, FL to St. Petersburg, FL
  • Tuesday, September 25th: St. Petersburg, FL to Fort Myers, FL
  • Wednesday, September 26th: Fort Myers, FL (Weather)
  • Thursday, September 27th: Fort Myers to Vero Beach, FL
  • Friday, September 28th: Vero Beach to Daytona Beach
  • Saturday, September 29th: Daytona Beach to Jacksonville, FL
  • Sunday, September, 30th: Jacksonville, FL to Midway, GA
  • Monday, October 1st: Midway, GA to Halfmoon Landing, GA
  • Tuesday, October 2nd: Halfmoon Landing, GA
  • Wednesday, October 3rd: Halfmoon Landing, GA
  • Thursday, October 4th: Halfmoon Landing, GA to Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • October 5th to October 7th: Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • Monday, October 8th: Jacksonville Beach, FL to Sanford, FL
  • Tuesday, October 9th: Sanford, FL to Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • Wednesday, October 10th: Jacksonville Beach, FL to Daytona Beach, FL
  • Thursday, October 11th: Daytona Beach, FL to Melbourne, FL
  • Friday, October 12th: Melbourne, FL to West Palm Beach, FL
  • Saturday, October 13th: West Palm Beach, FL to Delray Beach, FL
  • Sunday, October 14th - October 15th: Delray Beach, FL
  • Tuesday, October 16th: Delray Beach, FL to Hallendale, FL
  • Wednesday, October 17th: Hallendale, FL to Miami, FL
  • Thursday, October 18th: World Record Goal Achieved at 11,525 miles!


Press Release

CONTACT: Ladd Biro, Champion Management

MIAMI, FL (October 17, 2007) — The record is his!  Little more than four months after setting out from Miami on his Sea Doo with one extraordinary goal, John Moffatt has established a new world record for personal watercraft (PWC) distance at 11,525 miles. 

The 43-year-old adventurist broke the previous record of 10,500 miles on his Torco Fuels-sponsored Sea Doo GTX just outside Halfmoon Bay, Georgia, on October 1st, and padded it for the next two weeks.  He wrapped up his incredible journey at a victory celebration party today in Miami, the city from which he first launched on June 8th, 2007.

“I can’t believe it’s over,” said a thoroughly exhausted, but elated, Moffatt.  “This was the hardest, and most rewarding, thing I have ever attempted.  I have memories that will last a lifetime, and made countless new friends that I will treasure forever.”

Moffatt’s journey took him up the Intercoastal Waterway from Miami, along the East Coast, through New York City, and as far north as Montreal.  From there, he traveled past Ottawa, through Lakes Ontario and Erie to Chicago, down the Illinois River, up the Mississippi, further up the Missouri River, up and back along the Ohio River, and down the Tennessee River to the Gulf of Mexico.  Once there, he hugged the west coast of Florida to Ft. Myers, crossed the state via Lake Okeechobee to Vero Beach, and headed north to Halfmoon Bay, GA, where he eclipsed the record.  He racked up the last thousand miles on the St. John’s River and along Florida’s East coast before returning to Miami.

Torco Racing Fuels ( provided much of the funding, as well as their Mach Series Accelerator fuel additive, to make the trip possible. 

“I can’t tell you how great the Accelerator has been,” reports Moffatt.  “It has increased the Sea Doo’s performance and helped it perform nearly flawlessly.  I seriously doubt I would have been able to break the record without it.”

“The entire Torco Fuels family extends our congratulations to John for his incredible achievement,” said Latrell Preston, Chief Financial Officer of Torco Race Fuels, Inc.  “We’re pleased that the Mach Series Accelerator played such an important role in re-writing the record books, and in helping his Sea Doo perform so well.  This feat is a testament to John’s unbelievable perseverance and determination, and Torco is proud to be a part of his success.”

In 2000, John Moffatt set the personal watercraft distance world record by riding 5,604 miles in 80 days.  Since then, teams from Australia and South Africa bettered his mark and pushed the record to 10,500 miles.  As John says, “I just want to be the best in the world at something, and this is it.  This is my record!” 

Moffatt is the former Associate Producer of ABC’s hit television show “Full House,” where he learned the importance of working closely with the media.  As he did so successfully during his 2000 record run, Moffatt is conducting television, radio, print and online interviews at virtually every one of his overnight stops over the course of his five-month trek.   

Moffatt’s journey is tracked daily on   

In addition, Moffatt is using his platform to raise awareness for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America ( John’s sister lives with the disease, so he encourages all those who are inspired by his world record chase to support the foundation’s research to find a cure and encourage early detection of the disease.  Those interested in more information are encouraged to call the foundation’s 1-888-MY-GUT-PAIN hotline. 

Moffatt is sponsored by Torco Racing Fuels and Sea Doo.  Rod Burke of Burke Designs created the distinctive wrap design for Moffatt’s Sea Doo. 

Champion Management secured the sponsorship support that helped make the trip possible.  To arrange an interview with John Moffatt, or for more information about the Torco Fuels/Sea Doo World Record Chase, contact Ladd Biro at Champion Management via email at, by phone at 972.724.3039, or visit us online at

John's recent media:

 the hypertext

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Magazines John has written for or has been featured in:

Television affiliates that John has been featured on:

Radio affiliates John has been featured on:

The Torco / Sea Doo world record chase goes through
20 of the top 25

Media Markets in the Country


New York


St Louis

1. New York 6,812,540 Television Households
2. Los Angeles 5,135,140 Television Households
3. Chicago 3,164,150 Television Households
4. Philadelphia 2,667,520 Television Households
5. SF/Oak 2,368,970 Television Households
6. Boston 2,186,100 Television Households

7. Dallas/Ft. Worth 1,959,680 Television Households
8. Washington DC 1,956,160 Television Households
9. Detroit 1,846,950 Television Households
10. Atlanta 1,722,130 Television Households

11. Houston 1,665,550 Television Households
12. Seattle/Tacoma 1,548,200 Television Households
13. Cleveland 1,475,820 Television Households
14. Tampa/St. Pete. 1,463,090 Television Households
15. Minn/St. Paul 1,457,130 Television Households
16. Miami/Ft. Lauder. 1,418,940 Television Households

17. Phoenix 1,343,040 Television Households
18. Denver 1,230,440 Television Households
19. Pittsburgh 1,136,230 Television Households
20. Sacramento/Stlyn. 1,131,300 Television Households
21. St. Louis 1,110,290 Television Households
22. Orlando/Daytona 1,072,150 Television Households
23. Portland, OR 1,072,150 Television Households 
24. Baltimore 993,540 Television Households
25. Indianapolis 955,800 Television Households

San Francisco



Other key markets John will travel through:

40. Norfolk-Portsmouth 43. Memphis 62. Mobile/Pensacola
41. New Orleans 44. West Palm Beach 88. Ft. Myers/Naples
42. Buffalo 52. Jacksonville 112. Florence/Myrtle Beach
Tampa Cleveland Atlanta Baltimore
Special thanks to Torco Fuels and Bombardier Sea Doo division.

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